In case you don’t know our story, back in 2016 while we were wanting to build The Range and looking for a bank to back us, I only had the middle of the night to work on it. After I got home from work and our daughter was asleep, Paul would sleep in the office near me while I filled out the 100th application form. This took two years of almost every night. To not give up and to stay awake, I thought of a woman that needed The Range, but she couldn’t build it herself. She needed me to do it for her. I never gave up for her. 

That “her” I have discovered is you. I’ve met so many of you and more keep finding The Range. Every time I hear your connection and peace you find when you’re here and how you breathe more easily the moment you drive through the entrance, I think back to my imaginary women and thank her. 

Women’s Weekend amplifies this tenfold. Here are the upcoming Women’s Weekends:

Here’s what I would like to share with you about them:

✨SUMMER WOMEN’S WEEKENDS are completely social!! Highlights of the weekends are dinners in the barn all together, Amy’s craft that’s always creative and challenging, lounging by the pool (and making best friends with the bartender who will bring your drinks to you in the pool!!), chair massages in the barn loft, playing games, going into town for brunch, and just having the best time! 

So many women come solo, but also feel free to bring that women in your life that brings out your best smile and you want to create a lasting memory with. 

There’s so many special moments that you can participate in or choose to do your own thing – whatever your heart tells you to do. This your time to do what YOU want.

✨BRAND NEW, we’re so excited to announce WOMEN’S WEEKEND – BOOK CLUB edition!!
It’s going to be everything we love about Women’s Weekend, but with a passion to read the book you want to delve into with the perfect surroundings and with the desire to share and hear about other books with others. There will be picturesque nooks everywhere to curl up and read – with hammocks hanging in trees, lounge chairs overlooking the pond, cushioned hay couches on the patio, cozy loft in the barn, and your own personal Airstream or vintage trailer tucked in the trees for complete privacy. We’ll dine together in the cedar barn and share about the book we brought to read and any books we brought to share in the free book exchange.

✨You can’t book it yourself. 
It’s blocked from our website. The only way to come is by contacting us: fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or text 972.210.2900 or email
✨We kick all men and children out. 
Even my own daughter and husband hightail it out. It’s like this special window of time just for us without any responsibilities.
✨The magic is the women that come here. The laughter that comes out of the barn is music. 

We would love for you to treat yourself and join us!! 
❤️ Sarah 

Reach out to us for more details and availabilities!