Add on these packages when you book your stay!

When booking your open site or vintage trailer rental, simply check the box next to your chosen package on the booking form to add even more fun to your stay at The Range.

Graze Box $25

A surprise of cheeses, dried fruit, nuts and crackers. Perfect for 1-2 people. Pre-order it when you book your site/trailer and we’ll email you just before your stay to see when you want it delivered to your site!

Inflatable Pool $100

Worried about the Texas heat? Rent one of our 103″x69″ inflatable pools and enjoy cool, poolside bliss at your site. We’ll bring it to your site, inflate it and leave the hose there for you to fill when you are ready. Enjoy it for your whole stay, and we’ll empty, clean and pack it away when you’re gone. An easy way to have some pool-time fun in the sun while at The Range!

Must be booked 24 hours in advance to have it at your site pre-arrival