Add on these packages when you book your stay!

When booking your open site or vintage trailer rental, simply check the box next to your chosen package on the booking form to add even more fun to your stay at The Range.

If you’ve already made a booking to stay at The Range, and would like to add a package or packages to your booking, please send us an email!

S’mores Kit $30

Everything you need to enjoy delicious s’mores around a fire! Kit includes box of graham crackers, bag of marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate bars, plus some roasting sticks.

Lasso Me! $40

This is a fun activity and perfect for Insta photos! Practice your lasso skills at your site all weekend. We’ll set up a hay bale with a cow head prop and provide you with a lasso and a how-to video – plus two Topo Chicos or two Texas beers!
Supplies will be collected at the end of your stay.

Game Night Kit $40

Gather in your trailer for an afternoon or evening of fun! Board games, a deck of playing cards, a bag of popcorn, and two Topo Chico sparkling waters. Let the games begin!

Fishing Kit $40

Catch some bass with our fishing kit! A fishing rod, hooks and lures so you’re all set to spend an afternoon or two at our ponds, reeling in our resident bass fish.