our trailers

  • 1953 boles aero
  • 1961 airstream overlander (coming soon)
  • 1962 fan
  • 1963 ideal
  • 1963 avion (coming soon)
Interior of a Vintage Trailer at The Range

reservations for vintage trailer rentals and open sites are available now.

1963 Ideal trailer 2
  • 1965 boles aero
  • 1966 shasta
  • 1967 airstream globetrotter
  • 1972 airstream overlander (coming soon)
  • 2016 airstream
Interior of a Vintage Trailer at The Range

you can stay in one of our trailers or bring your own Airstream or vintage trailers to stay. 

come with a group of your friends, a love, your family, even co-workers, or yourself.  

let us help connect you with whatever your needing – fun, excitement, adventure, relaxation.  

this land and trailers can do wonders.

all our trailers come with a shower and bathroom, but just in case you want a little extra room or privacy, we built a bathhouse to give you just that.

Shower room in the bathhouse
Mirrors and sinks in the women's side of the bathhouse

our boutique store offers curated, locally made or low-waste items like clothing, jewelry, skin care products and small goods. we also offer a small selection of classic board games, toiletry essentials, snacks and drinks.

our restaurant and bar are still being developed and will have a focus on Texas products and easy, delicious food. stay tuned for more details!

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