Safety and Cleaning at The Range

In light of COVID-19 and these strange times we find ourselves in, it seems appropriate to share some information about how we at The Range are working to keep ourselves and our guests safe by outlining our general guidelines and cleaning procedures.

The setup of The Range already allows for and encourages social distancing. With at least 100 feet between sites, our guests can easily maintain the recommended 6 feet separation from others. We offer a contactless arrival by emailing site locations so guests can drive straight to their site when they arrive.

Our common areas and amenities are limited; only our laundry facilities are open to guests by appointment. This will of course change, as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, here are some procedures and protocols we will be following, now and when more amenities are available.

General Procedures

Hand sanitizer will be available in the laundry room and other common areas when open

High frequency ‘touch points’ will be cleaned every 2 hours

Staff are required to wash their hands every hour

Staff should wear gloves when handling items for guests (food orders, etc)

We have removed any unnecessary items in trailers (decor, throw pillows, games, etc) and removed any unnecessary items from common areas (books/magazines in laundry, etc)

We have signage posted that asks that guests notify management if they are sick, so proper care can be taken with that individual

We have further protocols in place in the event that a guest shows symptoms, and we will be in touch with nearby hospitals and clinics if necessary

Cleaning Procedures

When we refer to cleaning in this post, we will be following all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting, including:

Using an alcohol-based disinfectant from the EPA’s list of disinfectants that are effective against this virus

Cleaning soft, porous surfaces and hard, non-porous surfaces as per the cleaner manufacturer’s instructions

Any items that can be laundered or steam cleaned will be laundered or steam cleaned using the warmest appropriate water setting

Ensuring good air ventilation in all trailers and common areas as much as possible

Cleaning Common Areas

High frequency ‘touch points’ will be cleaned every 2 hours (including door handles, countertops, chair backs, light switches, etc)

When open, the entire Bathhouse will be cleaned every 2 hours (door handles, countertop, sinks, faucets, toilets, shower faucet, stall door handles, etc)

Windows should be left open as much as possible (weather permitting)

After each “laundry appointment”, every surface will be cleaned and disinfected (door handles, countertops, machine handles and doors, laundry powder container, chairs, etc)

Cleaning Rental Trailers

To ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff, we plan to only offer trailer rentals on weekends to allow for at least 4 days between guests. This gives us the time to give each trailer multiple thorough cleanings between stays.

No trailer cleaning will be provided during a guest’s stay, only upon departure (unless absolutely required) 

We will ask guests to turn on the fan and leave windows open upon departure (weather permitting) 

We will wait 24 hours after a guest’s departure to clean the trailer 

The cleaner should wear gloves, gown, goggles, face mask while cleaning trailers

We are doing everything we can to provide a wonderful and clean space for our guests! We hope to see you at The Range as soon as it is safe. In the meantime, start planning your summer vacations! You can book to stay at The Range up to 120 days in advance so get planning and have something to look forward to.

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