We are beyond thrilled to introduce you to Kerry Miller. She is officially The Range’s first employee and we couldn’t be more grateful to have her on the team!! I’m secretly pulling from her authentic energy and insane work ethic. She’s amazing and I am eager to learn more about her – so here’s an interview I put together so we can learn more about her together!!

Sarah Beauregard: You have been blowing me away with your drive to set The Range up for future weddings and events. What has been inspiring you to come up with such thoughtful packages?

Kerry Miller: Well, I recently got married – I eloped in Seattle with just a couple family members in attendance. And let me tell you, even that small celebration required a lot of organization! It was overwhelming, and I can’t imagine trying to do a larger style wedding with all the accompanying details and planning. It really is a huge undertaking. So when I’m thinking about what events and packages we could offer at The Range, I’m focusing on what we can provide to make planning an event a little bit easier. From weddings to corporate retreats to birthday parties, I want to make sure the process is as easy and pain-free as possible. We have a beautiful space out at The Range and I can’t wait to see how our guests create personalized celebrations that reflect who they are. I’ve been fantasizing about a group coming to The Range for a family reunion – a few generations together, kids running through the wildflowers, adults enjoying a coffee in the sunshine, everyone heading to the pool after breakfast, a few lawn games and a hike in the afternoon, happy hour with live music before a BBQ dinner, gathering under the stars around a fire pit with s’mores. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I want to make that experience happen for someone! 

SB: Do you mind telling everyone about your recent adventure in Australia?! I’m still so impressed.  

KM: I recently returned to Texas after living in Australia for 10 years. Before my husband and I left Australia, we embarked on a road trip around the country. It was one of those things that we had talked about for years so we decided that we had to go ahead and do it. We sold most of our belongings, told the realtor we wouldn’t be renewing the lease and quit our jobs. We bought a fancy tent and fitted out our SUV (a cranky old Nissan Patrol) with drawers, a fridge, a water tank, a second battery and a lot of rooftop storage, and set off on an adventure! Together with our dog Olive, we crisscrossed the country and drove 51,000 kilometers (almost 32,000 miles) over 11 months. We did and saw some amazing things – we climbed Australia’s tallest mountain, got engaged on a desert sand dune, visited the sacred site Uluru, went skinny dipping in the ocean between Tasmania and Antarctica, camped in the rain and snow (with ice forming inside the tent!), lit fireworks in the desert, tackled some of Australia’s roughest 4WD tracks, and experienced the truly remote outback (where you might see one other person a day). And not one flat tire! It was the trip of a lifetime and an amazing way to end my time in Australia. I’m hoping to one day do something similar here in the US… but maybe upgrading to an Airstream! 

SB: How do you like to connect with nature?

KM: After living in Australia, my favorite nature is the beach. I love swimming in the ocean and I’m attempting to learn how to surf (it’s not going that well though!). When I’m not near the water, hiking is my way to connect with nature. I’m excited to get out and explore some of Texas’ hiking trails and national parks very soon, particularly Big Bend. 

SB: Is there something you have been wanting to learn that we could do a training/workshop on it at The Range?

KM: I would love to know more about and be able to identify wildflowers! And plants and trees in general. When I’m hiking I find I’m much more involved if I know what I’m looking at. I’ve heard there’s an app that’s like Shazam but for plants, which would be very helpful, but I would enjoy walking along the trails at The Range with someone and learning about the plants we happen upon. 

SB: What’s one thing you think we HAVE to sell at the store?

KM: I’ve officially reached the age where I get excited about dish towels, so I would love to see an eco-friendly, custom The Range dish towel. And my husband makes and collects bottle openers so I like the idea of handmade bottle openers for sale. To me these items are a great way to remember your time at The Range while also being something you can use everyday.  

SB: Not to get dramatic, but you have been one of the greatest things to happen to The Range. I already trust you wholeheartedly and have been pinching myself to have snagged you so quickly.  Where do you think you’ve learned your work ethic from?

KM: That’s too nice! I just really like being productive and helpful. My parents have owned their own businesses since before I was born so I grew up seeing what it takes to make a successful business, namely a huge amount of work, a lot of hours and a real passion for what you are trying to achieve. As a kid I spent more time at the office than I did at home, and I could see what a special place my parents had created because the employees (and I) enjoyed being there, enjoyed the work and the community. I know that passion is an integral part of my work ethic and my career so far has been in non-profits, the arts and small businesses – all places that I can do work that I believe in and enjoy. And that’s exactly why The Range is such a great fit! 

SB: What’s something you’ve seen The Range do or can implement on reducing waste or repurposing for the future?  

KM: I’m really into using what we already have and what already exists rather than creating something new, so The Range’s mission to repurpose and reuse hits home with me. I love the fencing made out of old pipe and the idea of collecting tableware from friends and family instead of buying new. Also rainwater tanks are huge in Australia and I would love to see them utilized more in the US and at The Range – water conservation is only going to become more important, especially in Texas. 

SB: We’re going to have a little free book exchange/library in the laundromat – what’s one book you think someone would enjoy reading while staying with us? Or do you have a book that you love reading over and over?

KM: Oh man, I’m a big reader so this question is almost impossible to answer! I’ll name a few authors that I continually enjoy – Bill Bryson for non-fiction and dry humor; Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) for a good private detective romp; Jane Austen for snappy classics; Katherine Arden for magical fantasy; and Lee Child for solid ‘good guy gets bad guys’ stories.   

SB: What’s your go to drink for a pick me up?

KM: Depending on what kind of ‘pick me up’ is needed, Champagne or Dr Pepper! 

SB: What question would you like me to ask you?!  

KM: Hmm let’s see.. Maybe something about Airstreams/trailers? Because I have no actual experience with Airstreams or vintage trailers. Throughout my childhood my dream family holiday was renting a RV and going on a road trip. I don’t remember caring where we went in the RV but I pored over brochures about different brands and models, comparing trailers and imagining what our trip would be like. We never did rent a RV, and my idea of the perfect family holiday eventually evolved (probably when I hit my teenage years!) but I have recently found myself looking at the new, smaller Airstream models and thinking… 

I can’t wait for our future with Kerry and she’s really working so hard on creating an amazing experience from check in to check out and any event under the sun here for you.

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