One of our favorite things is having groups of friends and family at The Range! We have had many groups come stay and we enjoy watching them make The Range their own for the weekend.

The group trip organizer takes the lead and looks on our website or calls us to find a weekend that has the availability they need. Once a date is decided on, the organizer usually knows the trailer or site they want for themselves and books it right away. Then the rest of the group gets to decide what trailers or sites they want, and we get everyone booked in and set.

We’ve seen groups where everyone is in charge of different aspects of their stay  – one couple is in charge of snacks, while another is in charge of planning activities. One group had a different person “host” each night, deciding what they’d do for dinner. Sharing responsibility is a great way to make sure everyone can relax!

Once the group is here, it’s cool to see how they have fun and make The Range their own! Often we’ll see a group meet up for breakfast, or hit the Farmers Market, or go exploring together. They might split up and do their own thing in the afternoon – whether that’s a nap in the hammock, wine tasting at the nearby vineyard or wandering along the walking trails at The Range. And then they all gather for happy hour at the Globetrotter Bar, playing a couple of the lawn games and enjoying a delicious cocktail or two before dinner.

We honestly get such joy from seeing family and friends come together here – able to spend time together safely and enjoy the fresh air and open space. We built The Range for exactly this purpose, and we’re so glad our guests are experiencing it.